Karen Frieda Kaiser


Born of humble means, but prideful people high in the Rocky Mountains in a mining town called Leadville, Colorado on October 6, 1945 I am of Finnish, Spanish, Native American and German descent. Like most Americans, my family history is of immigration except for the Native American, of which I am quite proud. My life-long career as a creative artist  has given me opportunities to exhibit in Malaga, Spain, New York City, Houston, San Francisco, Denver and most recently The California Center for the Arts Museum Show “Cultural Fusion” in North County, San Diego. Numerous one-woman shows include Malaga, Spain, Houston, San Francisco, Denver and at “Archetypos” in Colorado City. Numerous group shows include Malaga, New York City, San Francisco, Denver, Aspen, Boulder, Durango and “Libre” Colorado (recall “Drop City” and geodesic domes near Trinidad and Walsenburg, Colorado ) among others.  Looking back, I guess I was actually one of the "flower children", but not one like the "privileged" kids I met who were dodging their straight-laced wealthy parents. (I am still so very grateful for my childhood and my family) It was an interesting time. Ironically, if I had it, I could now sell our baby-blue VW van to a whole new generation of enthusiasts. 

Born into this mixed cultural family,  100% Finnish mother, and father of German and Mestizo (Native American/Spanish), I grew up living between New Mexico where I developed an affinity for Mexican and Indian Cultures and Leadville, Colorado the two-mile-high historic mining community.  Drawn to symbolism in Latin Catholic rites, the mystical rituals and arts of the Native American culture and the superstitious tales of the hard rock miners, I combine these inspirations with my own relationship between dreams, symbolic imagery and art. Interested in depth psychological work and dream analysis of Carl Jung, I studied “metaphysical” themes, occult practices and art throughout many years and was graduated from Union Institute and University in fine arts and psycho-spiritual studies.  I am interested in symbols, both archetypal and personal, an avid champion of the ‘discarded’ object.. tearing down of the old and rebuilding and integrating with the new...even some of my older art pieces and others discovered in thrift stores. I use a variety of media including drawing, oil, watercolor, collage and assemblage, sculpture and jewelry design including “caging” brooches (A Victorian-era technique.) I have four children and four grand-children and continue to work in my Denver and Escondido, California studios. I also spend time in Leadville where I was born as a retreat where I can be peaceful and creative amidst the stunning mountainous beauty of my homeland.   Contact cell (760)525-4201